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Those two teammates did a fantastic job! Aug 18, 2023
I just wanted to let you know that today's clean was probably one of the best cleans I have had with your company, so I just wanted to express my happiness! Those two teammates did a fantastic job!
Ashleigh - Waterloo
She really saved me so much time and anxiety! Aug 25, 2023
I just want to tell you that one of your young ladies really helped me with a computer problem this morning. I think computers are so much easier for younger brains! She really saved me so much time and anxiety!
Robin - Stratford
I also noticed a few other things that received extra attention. Sep 6, 2023
Please pass on an extra thanks to your team! I realized after I left that I forgot to tidy up all the toys in the loft! I’m so sorry I left that mess for them. They cleaned them all up. I also noticed a few other things that received extra attention.
Please pass along my thanks!!
Susan - New Dundee
Everything was perfect! Sep 13, 2023
Everything was perfect! I can’t believe they were able to get my bathtub so clean.
The finish is coming off of it and it’s challenging to get clean so very grateful.
Very happy with the service, thank you!!!
Connie - Waterloo
the excellent customer service Sep 19, 2023
[The team] did an excellent job today! I didn't see anything that was missed. I am extremely pleased with the quality of work provided.
Thanks again for getting me in and for the excellent customer service from returning emails to phone call to follow up.
Beth - Kitchener
Please give them our gratitude Sep 28, 2023
I wanted to recognize the crew that was here yesterday. We're calling them "The Dream Team" from now on. We have never ever had someone perform such a detailed, thorough job like they did yesterday, and this is coming from my mom, then from [my wife], and then from me independently; all three of us commented that they really outdid themselves this time, and that the bar is set extremely high now. Please give them our gratitude and best regards, and a huge thank you for taking care of us this way.
Tiho - Kitchener
I’ve never seen the floors like this good! Sep 26, 2023
I was very pleased with the cleaning that your team did yesterday. [They] certainly did a thorough job. I’ve never seen the floors like this good! [One of them] did an excellent job of checking with me upon arrival about particular areas that I wanted attention paid to and noted any priorities I had as to what I wanted done within the two-hour span of time.
Anne - New Dundee
Best experience ever and I’m so grateful to them and you :) Oct 19, 2023
I’m writing to tell you what a FANTASTIC job [the team] did at my home last Thursday. Everything was SPOTLESS, especially [my son's] bedroom deep clean, his den and the entire downstairs. They were so THOROUGH. Also, both of them were lovely and pleasant. They left me a very PROFESSIONAL note, outlining what they did and didn’t get done. Best experience ever and I’m so grateful to them and you :)
[One of them team members] said she didn’t know if she was ready to teach new employees yet, but she is a SUPERSTAR, and if she mentors new people to work like she does, then you’ll have MANY happy clients :) Please pass along my admiration and gratitude to both [of them].
Kindest regards,
Marcie - Stratford
I feel like their time and attention was well spent. Oct 23, 2023
I was really pleased with the work [the team] did - while I held out hope that they might complete more than kitchen and baths, I feel like their time and attention was well spent.
I was most pleased, though, with the vibe I got from them and their comment that they felt like their workplace was a family. I have used a different cleaning company in the past and have never seen employees who seemed to feel as valued as they did.
Warm regards,
Lucia - Waterloo
Very efficient team Nov 18, 2022
Good Morning Ashley,
For the last several visits we have had the pleasure of [these two ladies] in our home.
I do not wish to make your staffing schedules any more of a problem than I know they are already but, we are simply delighted with these pleasant, careful, thorough young people and would be very happy if we could continue with them as our team for the future.
As you are well aware there are some who approach the task at hand with a wonderful, positive attitude and provide an essential support with cheerful dignity. This, in our opinion, describes [this team].
Clearly your skills in hiring and teaching your staff has helped to create this very efficient team.
Thank you, in advance, for allowing us to enjoy this team in the times to come.
With thanks,
~ Mary-Ann - Stratford
I will certainly recommend your company whenever possible Aug 3, 2022
[Your cleaner] is a very nice young lady, and she is very thorough. We went over what I needed when she first arrived, and then she just did everything with such excellent results. She works quickly and efficiently and then she asked if I needed anything further. I assured her that she had done everything I could want, and I was ever so grateful that you could send her. This was a great help to my husband and me because we have been working very hard during the sale and now the moving etc.
Again, thanks so much, and I will certainly recommend your company whenever possible. I wish you every good fortune for the future.
~ Mary - Waterloo
You really helped me to bring balance to my life Aug 3, 2022
Thank you for everything.
You really helped me to bring balance to my life while I was keeping up with college and work! The service was great and your professionalism and reliability sets you apart. Feel free to use me as a reference in the future.

All the best,
~ Nancy - Stratford
The best cleaning team there is May 24, 2022
Hi Ashley,

Once again you have done a wonderful job of communicating with your clients. I am proud to say I have the best cleaning team there is.

Thank you,
~ Carla - Baden
More than a success May 24, 2022
Hi Ashley,

The last two years have been more than a success. They have been a downright miracle, led by your steady hand on the wheel. You have weathered Covid outbreaks, staff absences, staff turnover, client loss and a myriad of other obstacles that have impacted your business. Yet, here you are expanding your services, increasing staff and still holding tight to the protocols that you have put in place for the benefit of all of us.

We owe you around of applause and a great big thank you for all you have done for the Daisy Fresh community. Jim and I are happy to be a part of this community and your success. Thanks for everything!!

~ Donna - Waterloo
We are so very thankful... Dec 20, 2021
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and wonderful new year too!
We are so very thankful to have you and your team in our lives. We feel very fortunate not just having the means to have a cleaning service, but that we truly love and respect you and your business. Thank you so much!
Laura - New Hamburg
We missed everyone at Daisy Fresh so much :) Jun 1, 2021
Just wanted to drop a quick THANK YOU! for the clean and fitting us in. It was so nice to have it done! They did such a great job and we missed everyone at Daisy Fresh so much :) You and your cleaners help keep our family running and I really appreciate it all!

Have a great weekend!
~ Vanessa - Waterloo
I love "clean" days Mar 25, 2021
The quality of the work is always very high, and I'm always happy with the results. I love "clean" days it's the best feeling to have such a clean house. The team does a much better job in 1 hour than I could ever do in a whole day.
~ Terri - Waterloo
Good solid practices in place Mar 26, 2021
We think you have been more than fair during the past year juggling the pandemic making sure you have a good solid practices in place to ensure your staff and clients are as safe as one can be.
~ Joan - Kitchener
You are one of only a handful of leaders Mar 30, 2021
Keep up doing all that you've been doing so far. You are one of only a handful of leaders I've observed over the past year that managed to get a good handle on all this plague that came upon our houses. Your communication - and I mean frequency, content and clarity here - as well as your policies and their enforcement have been spot on. You should be proud of yourself - I know I am."
~ Tiho - Kitchener
Overall the staff are very professional Mar 28, 2021
"Overall the staff are very professional and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a cleaning company! "
~ Shelley - Kitchener
I am very impressed Feb 12, 2021
Hello Ashley,
I have reviewed your email and all of the documentation you provided. I am very impressed with your personal approach and attention to detail! I would love to book an in-home estimate.
~ Rebecca
nothing short of inspiring Dec 23, 2020
I just want to say, as a small business owner myself, your communications during this extremely difficult year have been nothing short of inspiring. Thanks for all that you do.

Merry Christmas!
Simon - KW
You are doing an amazing job of communicating with your clients. Dec 22, 2020
You are doing an amazing job of communicating with your clients. I appreciate all the information that you send out.
We are delighted that you are able to continue to service our home and will welcome you with open arms, masks and no touching or interacting on all the dates that we have set out..

We really do depend on your service as we are totally unmotivated and poorly skilled in the area of cleaning. When I landed my first professional job in 1978, the first thing I did to celebrate was to find a cleaning lady. Over the years we have had several different ones but when our friend recommended your service to us, I knew I had won the lottery. Please, please, please ... never leave us!! (Those words could be song lyrics.)
Thanks so much.
~ Donna & Jim - Waterloo
Thank you for your efforts and risks Dec 21, 2020
It has been such a "trying" (to say least) year for everyone. Thank you for your efforts and risks to keep our lives and homes safe and clean.
~ Mary & Ross - Waterloo
We value the quality of your service Dec 17, 2020
We value the quality of your service and particularly appreciate your resolve and hard work to keep your staff and customers safe during these trying times.
Best of the season to you.
Bob & Eunice
Wishing you a happy holiday and great 2021! Dec 17, 2020
Thank you for all your help keeping our lives in order, especially this challenging year.
Wishing you a happy holiday and great 2021!
~ Christine & Kevin - Stratford
I felt like my dignity has been restored Dec 11, 2020
Oh Ashley, it was Sooooo great to come home to!!
I felt like my dignity has been restored! Amazing how much they got done!!!! Superb, I cant imagine anything better, I've sure never gotten things this nice myself!
HUGE THANK YOU to them, please!!! :D
~ Pam - KW
It has been a challenging year Dec 14, 2020
It has been a challenging year for everyone and you have done an amazing job to keep things going and your consideration for your teams well being is commendable.
Wishing you, your family and your Daisy Fresh Team a very Merry Christmas.

Bob & Joan - KW
great job! Dec 7, 2020
Dear Ashley,
I'm really impressed by all the excellent measures you've taken to protect your staff and clients during COVID-19 - great job! (I'm a Public Health "mature" student, so I really appreciate all you have done and communicated so clearly).
~ Pamela - Kitchener
when all is said and done Jul 29, 2020
Thank you for being so caring to your staff and clients in light of this terrible situation that everyone has been placed in. You've been there for them and [we] will certainly be here for you when all is said and done.
~ Joan - Kitchener
Thank you for looking out for your team. Jun 1, 2020
Thank you for looking out for your team. A great leader isn't born, but someone who has gone through life's challenges and brings that knowledge to the forefront is a great leader; I totally respect and honour your request.
We will be looking forward to having your team return, since we know we have a found a great company and a great leader.
From one owner to another you're doing the right thing and always keep an eye on the horizon, don't look down.
~ Brian - Kitchener
Cleaning was perfect Jul 23, 2020
Cleaning was perfect...way better than what we’ve been doing. I was pretty diligent early Covid but not so much with all the nice weather.
~ Hilary - New Hamburg
We really appreciate the service you provide Jul 17, 2020
We know this is a difficult time for your business, and we really appreciate the service you provide and care you are putting into keeping us and your employees safe. Your cleaners are doing a great job, and we're really looking forward to getting back to a twice-monthly schedule.
~ Rick - Waterloo
After 6 months pre and during Covid Jul 10, 2020
Thank you, thank you, thank you… After 6 months pre and during Covid, in a slump, then 2 months working, I just couldn’t face the accumulated whatever.
It was a pleasure and a relief to come home after work, this evening.
Ever so grateful.
~ Lally - Stratford
So nice to return too! Jul 13, 2020
First off I am super happy with the level of quality of the workers!! So nice to return too!
~ Ted - Kitchener
They did a wonderful job. Jun 30, 2020
We were very glad to have the team back in. They did a wonderful job. We would love to continue service whenever things become more routine for you again.
~ Irene - Kitchener
COVID-19 protocol Jul 10, 2020
Those two gave our place a good going over! We appreciated getting the rugs cleaned under the couches plus the extras that they were able to do. [The team members] were conscientious in following the COVID-19 protocol... I wanted you to know we were pleased with their work.
You know... it is hard for us to accept that we now are unable to to do the “jobs” around the house like we used to do, it really bothers us that we can’t. But [the team members] were more then happy to help us which made us more comfortable in asking.
~ Daryl - New Hamburg
I felt compelled to commend you May 19, 2020
Thank you for your email. I felt compelled to commend you for taking the safety of your staff seriously as we all navigate through these uncertain times. We will be here when this settles.
I can only imagine what impact this must have on your business and your staff. Your services have been impeccable and over the years has helped our family so much since my husband and I work very long hours (and it's crazy how kids can be so small, but make such huge messes!).
I wish you and all your staff the best amidst all this, and may you and your families all stay safe and healthy through this chaos.
~ Adrienne - Kitchener
We are using the time to teach our kids Apr 6, 2020
We are using the time to teach our kids to clean their own bathroom, vacuum, wash floors etc and now we all appreciate anew what excellent cleaners you are ;).
Do everything you need to to keep your team safe and sound. We will be here once this is over.
~ Vanessa - Waterloo
Know you have our full support in the midst of this difficult time! Apr 1, 2020
Know you have our full support in the midst of this difficult time!
We really appreciate your care and concern for your cleaning teams and clients. Thank you!
We too will be here when all of this craziness is behind us, but take the time needed so we can all stay safe.
~ Heather - Waterloo
All the best Jan 2, 2020
I can't thank you enough for doing such a superb job cleaning our home.
All the best.
~ Robert & Shelley - Kitchener
Thank you Jan 2, 2020
Thank you for all you do to make my life run a little more smoothly!
~ Linda - Waterloo
Thank you so much. Jan 2, 2020
You help our lives run smoothly and keep our house sparkling!
Thank you so much.
~ Susan & Greg - Kitchener
We Couldn't Do it Jan 2, 2020
Thank you for all that you do! You help keep our household running and we couldn't do it without you.
~ Vanessa - Waterloo
Sincerely Thank You Jan 2, 2020
On behalf of our entire family, we would like to sincerely thank and appreciate you for all the you do!
The time, effort and care that you put into supporting our home truly makes a huge difference for us.
~ Carla & Henry - KW
Consistent in Quality Every Visit Mar 6, 2019
The cleans have been fine. I find your company is consistent in quality every visit. I have used companies in the past that were not as consistent.
~ Katlynne - Kitchener
It's a real pleasure Dec 28, 2018
Thank you so very much for all of the hard work that you have done for us this year!
It's a real pleasure to walk into a clean home. Always know that your dedication doesn't go unnoticed.
~ Greg - Stratford
Enjoy a coffee on us because you're the best! Dec 28, 2018
Thank you for another great year of making us feel organized and in control. (Even though we aren't).
~ Tracy - Waterloo
Sparkling Home Dec 28, 2018
Your help let's our family breathe easy and enjoy our weekends together. Thank you very much for all of your hard work in keeping our home sparkling.
~ Susan - Kitchener
Bringing Order Dec 28, 2018
Thank you both for bringing order to my life.
~ Linda - Waterloo
We appreciate your hard work! Dec 28, 2018
Thank you for all of the help you provide us. We appreciate your hard work!
~ Nikki - KW
You help keep our household running Dec 17, 2018
You help keep our household running and we would be lost without you! Thank you for everything you do for us.
~ Vanessa - Waterloo
...the crew you send to us are fantastic May 11, 2018
It was nice to see you getting down and dirty with the staff! When you were here, I meant to tell you that the crew you send to us are fantastic. The job is always done perfectly. They know our house.

I am glad to participate with a company that offers a living wage.
Keep up the good work … you are doing the right thing.
~ Kevin - New Hamburg
The fresh clean smell Apr 16, 2018
Overall I'm quite pleased with the service, it's kept me accountable for keeping my place tidy and somewhat organized. It's always nice to come home on cleaning days to the fresh clean smell, shiny counters, and dustless surfaces. The team(s) does a great job.
~ John - K.W.
We very much appreciate Jan 8, 2018
We very much appreciate your excellent work in keeping our home clean and tidy.
~ Chris - Conestoga
Most wonderful feeling Jan 8, 2018
We can't say thank you enough for the excellent service you provide! Coming home to a clean house after a long work week is the most wonderful feeling.
~ Jennie & Ryan - Kitchener
It's such a nice feeling Jan 8, 2018
Thank you for your hard work throughout the year. It's such a nice feeling to open the door to a beautifully clean house.
~ Tracy - Waterloo
To our wonderful Daisy Fresh team Jan 8, 2018
Thank you for all your hard work! Our family couldn't run without your help! Thank you for putting up with all of our animals, children's toys and general chaos.
~ Vanessa - Waterloo
Happy Home Dec 11, 2017
Thank you for your services. A clean home is a happy home.
~ Don - Kitchener
conscientious and efficient team Dec 11, 2017
We are so pleased with the quality service you have provided since early 2017. [The team] is a conscientious and efficient team as well as pleasant to have in our home. Looking forward to working with you in the new year.
~ Marie - Kitchener
It is always nice to come home Dec 5, 2017
Thank you for all you do to help keep my home tidy and clean. It is always nice to come home on a day when you've visited.
~ John - Kitchener
excellent work ethic Dec 1, 2017
Well, the house looks great. We really do appreciate the excellent work ethic you, Jenny and your team demonstrate.
All the best,
~ Jeff - Waterloo
Exceptional Nov 14, 2017
The cleaning today was exceptional as always.
~ Bob - Kitchener
They are to be commended to the highest level. Oct 12, 2017
I don't know who the members of the team that cleaned our home this week were, but I want you to know they were AWESOME. The best job I have ever seen from a crew. They are to be commended to the highest level. Please send them back to us in the future as they are truly amazing. They completed all the base tasks but then went above and beyond to do extra work in their allotted time. We couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much.
~ Dan & Laura - Stratford
The house is gorgeous! Oct 19, 2017
The house is gorgeous! Really sparkling. The shower doors in the bathroom are stunning and the stove top is the kitchen is perfect. Thank you to the team for really an outstanding job.

~ Christine - Stratford
It has been a pleasure Aug 30, 2017
Thanks again, Ashley.
Our new home is about 1.50 hour drive south.
You and your team have serviced us so good over the years and it has been a pleasure dealing with you and your staff.
I will certainly continue to recommend your business to people we know that are looking for cleaning services.
~ Diane - Kitchener
I certainly understand Aug 24, 2017
I certainly understand the staffing issues around holiday weekends and I appreciate anything you can do.
If you were not so very good at your job you would not be this busy
Many thanks.
~ Mary-Ann - Stratford
I owe you for the additional work. Aug 8, 2017
I wanted to thank [the team] for working on the basement on Tuesday and for accommodating our last minute request. They did a wonderful job transforming the stairs, bathroom and playroom - I can hardly recognize the rooms!
~ Christine - Stratford
Super Happy May 5, 2017
We have also been super happy with the cleaning! The house looks amazing after the team leaves!
~Adrienne N.D.
Please keep up the good work Mar 24, 2017
I am really liking your cleaning service... Your scheduling is accurate, notifications are great, and the cleaning is the best I’ve seen yet (much better than the three other local companies I’ve tried already). Please keep up the good work, and know that it is much appreciated.
~Jackie - Kitchener
Your wonderful friendly staff Jan 26, 2017
Thank you for the great work you do! We very much appreciate your attention to detail and your wonderful friendly staff.
~ Kim & Eric - Kitchener
We wish you a safe and happy holiday season Jan 26, 2017
Thank you, each and all, for assisting us in keeping our home clean and spotless throughout the year. We very much appreciate your contribution.
- Ed & Diane - Kitchener
The wonderful job they did Nov 8, 2016
Just getting in now and (as always) I'm so happy to walk back into my beautiful clean home! Please pass along to our cleaners today my thanks for the wonderful job they did. We appreciate their hard work, time, and effort to make our home a clean one.
~ Shannon - Waterloo
[They] are my favourite cleaning team. Oct 21, 2016
[They] are my favourite cleaning team. They work hard, take pride in their work, are receptive to input, are efficient and I RARELY ever find something they have missed.
~Lynne - Kitchener
The spring cleaning was amazing Sep 29, 2016
First, I would like to say that the spring cleaning was amazing and was really impressed with the job.

Thank you for providing a fantastic service and hope you and the crew have a fantastic day.
~ Henk - Kitchener
Music to my ears Sep 29, 2016
Just hearing [the office] say "[The cleaners] will be there tomorrow" was music to my ears.
Clearly cleaning is not my forte but I sure am glad it is yours because you do such a great job!
Thank you so much.
~Carol - Kitchener
sooo professional, FAST, meticulous, hard working Sep 16, 2016
[The team] were AMAZING! They were the best thing that happened to us all week. They saved the day. They were sooo professional, FAST, meticulous, hard working and simplydid an incredible job in every way. They are so hard working! They knew we were in a time crunch to get it all done to hand over the keys and worked extra hard to make it happen for us. Thank you for sending them and for the extra time. They made our life better today.
~ Robin - Stratford
Taking care of us Sep 2, 2016
"You and your employees are the BEST, Ashley.
Thanks again for taking care of us and our madcap lifestyle."
~ Donna - Kitchener
That's it! Jul 13, 2016
Just a quick note to say that the cleaning we had last Wednesday was simply outstanding. Just got home from a cottage late last night, and have had a chance to check things out. We were just blown away by the the ladies that you had over here.
That's it!
~Jennifer - Waterloo
Everything you do May 17, 2016
Thank you for all that you do for me each time you are here and for all the extras you do!

Everything you do helps me stay here in the condo longer. My next move will be a nursing home so it is great with your help to be able to stay here as long as I can!

~ Shirley - Waterloo
I recommend your company all the time Mar 24, 2016
Thanks! You and Ashley have been so responsive and supportive, it's really commendable and rare, and goes a very long way. I recommend your company all the time.
Thanks for everything ;-)
~ Jennifer - Waterloo
It is such a luxury Feb 4, 2016
Just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for the work your team did yesterday. As always, the place looks fantastic!

It is such a luxury to have the entire space clean from top to bottom, so thank you again for being so well organized and thorough with your work.
~ Rachel - Stratford
I always highly recommend your company Feb 1, 2016
Thanks very much. We greatly appreciate how professional you and your team are (which is why I always highly recommend your company to so many friends and colleagues).
~ Joanne - Kitchener
You are a magic maker!! Jan 12, 2016
You are a magic maker!! Thanks for your flexibility and your capacity to understand our needs.You really do take good care of us and our home.

With great gratitude.
~ Donna - Waterloo
Thank you, Daisy Fresh Feb 11, 2015
My retired, older parents live with me. I have a demanding full time job and my parents are "getting on".
Today [one of your teams] came to our house.
I can not describe how wonderful the feeling is to come home from a hard day at the office to a clean house...just the way I like it!....and not have to face hauling out the Hoover!
Thank you, Daisy Fresh....I am so, so happy to find a great, reliable cleaning company here in Kitchener.
~ Lori - KW