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Frequently Asked Questions



What areas do you service?


Follow this link to find out what townships and cities are in our territory.



What cleaning products and equipment do you provide? 


We supply all the equipment and products that are needed to complete the job. Our products are non-industrial and environmentally safe. Our vacuums are European-made and feature ultrafiltration. Equipped with a cloth filter bag and a filter before and after the motor, these vacuums cut down on the amount of dust being exhausted through the machine. For a full list of cleaning products and more information about our vacuums please contact us.  



What happens if my cleaning falls on a statutory holiday?


We will contact you a couple of weeks in advance to reschedule your cleaning to a date before or after the holiday depending on what is most convenient for you.



Do I have to be home during the clean?


You do not have to be home for the cleaning, and we are also happy to work around anyone who would prefer to stay at home while the cleaning is in progress. Many of our clients give us a key, door code, or garage code so we can gain access the home without them having to be there. All codes and keys are secured in the office when not in use.  The teams only have your personal information and accessibility to your home on the day of the clean.



Do we get the same cleaners each visit?


We try our very best to send out the same people for each visit. You can request to be reschedule to a different day if your team is unable to come to your home due to vacation time, illness, or injury. We would rather send a different team than cancel your clean.



Do we have to sign a contract?


There is no contract to sign. You can cancel or postpone your cleanings at any time and for any reason. 



What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my cleaning?


Please notify us as soon as possible, and no less than 48-hours in advance to make schedule changes. All cleanings can be rebooked for another date that accommodates you or you can wait until your next scheduled date. Our cancellation policy will be provided to you prior to commencing service. Late cancellations will be billed our cancellation fee.



Is there anything I can do for the team to make is easier or quicker for them to complete my home cleaning?


Tidying your space is a big help. The less items the staff must move to wipe a surface or clean the floor the quicker they move through the space. Placing dirty dishes in the kitchen sink or dishwasher, collecting loose garbage and recycling, and placing them in the designated bins. Also, having a clear plan for where household members will be during our visit will lessen the time spent in your home.



I have an elderly family member are there any other services you provide?


We have an extensive list of extras we provide for our senior citizen customers:

- Cleaning, drying and putting away dishes

- Fridge checks to dispose of expired or molding groceries

- Loading/unloading dishwasher

- Laundry services

and much more.



Click on this link and we'll tell you how our service goes above and beyond for your household.