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What Sets Us Apart



Are you asking yourself, why choose Daisy Fresh Cleaning Service Inc. to service my home or office?



Our Team Members


  • All our team members are insured, bonded, criminal record checked, and covered under WSIB.

  • Their wages not only cover their time cleaning, but their travel time as well. We also reimburse them for their mileage as they're using their own vehicles to get from place to place. Since their wages are not commission based, they can take their time to finish each clean completely and without rushing. 

  • They are not subcontractors, and therefore do not have access to your personal information unless it is your cleaning day. Information such as your address, alarm code, door codes, and house keys, are only accessible through our management team. 

  • The staff arrives at the office every morning to collect their schedules, supplies and your file information. This is returned to our office at the end of each day. 

  • The staff goes through an initial 2-week to 3-week training process to learn the company's products, communication, and standard of quality. They are not sent out blindly on site without knowing the company's and clients' expectations.

  • 60% of our staff has been with the company for 5 years or more, and some upwards of 15 years.

  • They are hired for their attention to detail and outstanding customer service skills.


Our Office Location


  • The office is not located inside someone's home. This assists in keeping clients' personal information even more secured because the owner's family and visitors cannot access it.

  • We have on-site laundry machines and we wash and dry all the mop heads and cleaning cloths on a daily basis. 

  • We keep all the supplies and equipment at the office to ensure they are in good working order and safely stored when not being used. 

  • We are located on the West end of Kitchener near Hwy 7/8. We are able to travel in town efficiently and arrive at our out-of-town clients on time. 


Our Communication and Attention to Detail


  • We prefer to come out and view the space ourselves before we send our team members out to clean.

Whether it's a one-time clean or ongoing visits, we book in-home or in-office estimates every time it is possible. This gives us a chance to assess the space, discuss our regular cleaning tasks, and customize the clean to suit your needs. Your neighbour's home may be the same size and layout, but how each space is filled and lived in can make a big difference in pricing.  


  • We are able to provide our clients with their team's estimated arrival time (ETA) the day before each clean. 

For clients that work from home, or are retired, this helps them plan their day without the cleaning team interrupting their schedule. For clients that have children with disabilities, we're able to work the cleaning schedule around therapy appointments and school schedules. You'll never be surprised when the staff arrives. We help prevent meltdowns. 


  • We send out reminder emails and make reminder calls.

Life gets busy and sometimes a week or a month can go by so quickly. We help keep you organized. You can sign up for our Reminder Calls & Emails List and we will remind you when we are coming out a day or two before your cleaning date. 


  • The teams call each client 15 minutes prior to arriving at the home.

This provides the household members with ample time to move into their Safe Space, or leave the home to accommodate our COVID-19 safety protocols.


  • We provide you with your cleaning dates well in advance.

We can print off your cleaning dates for the upcoming year or email them to you. We also contact all our clients 2 weeks to 3 weeks in advance if their clean will fall on a Statutory Holiday. This gives you the opportunity to look ahead and adjust your cleaning schedule when needed. 


  • You can guarantee we will be there on the day we say we will. 

The only instances we have cancelled our service the day of the clean is during winter storms. Most of the time we're able to prepare before the storm hits, and reschedule your clean to a different day. Periodically, Mother Nature does surprise us.


  • We know who cleans your home regularly. 

Some clients prefer the same cleaners each visit. We can contact you and let you know if there's been a change in staff permanently, or just for this one visit. 


  • We know how long it is taking the team to clean your home.

When the staff arrives at your home they clock in to record when they begin cleaning and they clock out when the clean is completed. We're able to adjust your cost if we've over-quoted you during the estimate, or add extra tasks to fill their time. We're also able to arrange the schedule so the teams aren't running late for their next client. 


Invoicing & Payments


  • We can direct bill insurance companies.
  • We can direct bill community services such as Extend-A-Family and Family Services Perth-Huron.
  • We accept cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, and e-transfers.
  • We can provide paper receipts or electronic invoices and statements.



There are many ways we offer to accommodate your needs. 


Contact us today to find out how our team goes above and beyond.