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"Ashley and her team are very communicative, transparent, thorough, trustworthy, and reliable. My husband and I are particular with who we let into our home, and we can always trust the Daisy Fresh team with our belongings and valuables. If you request it, you can have their team call/text you when they're about to arrive, and after they leave your home (which we do as we are not typically when they clean).
We've never had an issue with the team, and if anything gets missed/forgotten then sending a quick email to Ashley is all you need to do. She is very quick to inform her team.
We've enjoyed their services so much, that we also hired them to clean our office space in Waterloo for about a year now as well. AND we are hoping they extend their service area so they can do our vacation property up in Grand Bend also.

Erin & Jason - KW

"Regarding your service and staff, I would like to express how pleased we are.  [The team] is a pleasure to have come in to our house.  They are very friendly and do a great job, but as we know it all starts at the top and your company logo says it all.  It is always good to hear from [office] with our friendly reminder, very personable.  We are thoroughly pleased with how things have worked out with your staffing and the schedule that you have set out for us with the understanding that at times it could change.

Thank you and all the best to you."

Bob & Joan - KW

"I'm pleased to provide a reference for Daisy Fresh Cleaning services.  My partner and I have had the service, bi-weekly for about 18 months now.  The workers are thorough and very efficient.   We hired them because several other condos in our building seemed to use them and we knew those people to be rather particular about things.... as are we!  
We have been pleased with the results of their efforts.  On one occasion we were dissatisfied with a particular aspect of the job and mentioned it to Ashley.  The problem was addressed immediately and to our satisfaction. Beyond this they check in with us frequently to ensure that we continue to be satisfied and are very gracious about adapting their efforts to accommodate our needs.  
I can completely endorse this service."  
Elizabeth - Stratford

"If you’re like me, a full-time mom with a full-time job, cleaning is the last thing you want to do at the end of a busy week. But a messy home drives me nuts.

Daisy Fresh has made my life so much easier. And neater. And fresher. They come into my home and clean like I would clean it, and around my schedule too. They not only do the essentials—dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, kitchens—they clean my blinds, get the muzzle prints off my sliding doors and even clean up the hidden candy wrappers under my husband’s desk. 

I’ve had other cleaners in the past, but no one cleans like Daisy Fresh. They make my house sparkle and keep me sane."

Jill - Guelph

"Daisy Fresh has been our home cleaning service provider since 2006. We couldn’t be more pleased with the services Daisy Fresh has provided us over the years. We have worked with other organizations when we lived in Halifax and Toronto and Daisy Fresh is definitely superior.  Their attention to detail, consistency and customer focus sets them apart.  We are also very impressed with their conscientious, personable and well trained staff. We confidently and without hesitation recommend  Daisy Fresh."

Chris - Conestogo

"I have had Daisy Fresh helping me keep the chaos under control for the last 8 years. :-)  We have always been impressed with the cleaning that the ladies have done and the consistency that they show each and every visit.  Debbie and Ashley are great to work with and are very accommodating when schedules change and requests are made. We would highly recommend them (and have to many people) as a very trusting, caring, and professional cleaning service."

Laura & Matt - New Hamburg

"I have been a customer of Daisy Fresh since soon after moving into my current home about ten years ago.  I have found their work to be of consistently high standard and their reliability impeccable.  The Daisy Fresh team is always accommodating to any special requests or projects that may come up as well as being highly flexible in adjusting their schedules to work with mine, which often changes due to travel etc.  I have never known them to be late or miss a scheduled clean.  They are very respectful of my home and are careful to cater to the needs of my pets.

Needless to say, I continue to be very happy with the Daisy Fresh team and the quality of work and service they offer."

Alison - Waterloo

"I have used Daisy Fresh Cleaning for well over 10 years. They are reliable and thorough, as well as very flexible to my needs. My home is always very clean to my specifications. I am happy to give a positive recommendation for their services."

Cathi - Kitchener

"I live in Perth East, and have been using Daisy Fresh for eight years.  Yikes I can't believe its been that long.  I have loved their service.  They do random checks on the girls and call occasionally to ask if all is going well.  The girls are good at what they do, quick and cheerful.  Can't say enough about being able to trust someone in your house!!!"
Heather & Tim - Gads Hill

"I have been a client of Daisy Fresh for at least 5 years, probably more!  I’ve stopped counting!

I found their name in the phone book as I wanted a locally-owned company and environmentally-friendly cleaning products.
They have fit the bill perfectly.  No smell of chemicals and my house is thoroughly cleaned.  They shift furniture and chase dust bunnies way better than what I used to do!  The staff is well-trained.  I usually have the same two ladies, but when faces change, the house is gone through in the same methodical way. Sometimes I’m home when they are here and sometimes not, it’s never a problem.  I highly recommend this house cleaning service."
Anne & Gordon - Waterloo